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Where do you find the puppy that's perfect for you?  


You’ve decided you want to add a fuzzy golden bundle of joy to your family. You want it to be healthy, happy, and a good match for your lifestyle and circumstances. 


Puppy Sales Website? Pet Shop? Dealer? Backyard Breeder?

No, No, No and No! Not unless you want to risk getting a poorly bred and raised, sickly pup with temperament issues, at an elevated price. These people generally care only about taking your money, not about you or the dog. That’s no way to choose an addition to your family. So let’s find a better alternative! 

The Responsible Hobby Breeder?

Now you’re on the right track! Dedicated hobby breeders take responsibility for every puppy produced and stand behind every dog they have bred, for the life of the dog. They have carefully researched pedigrees, double-checked health clearances, nurtured the dam, and raised the puppies in their homes. Their goal is to produce superior animals perfect for companionship and the various dog sports. In short, they have put their hearts and souls into breeding YOUR puppy. 

Where do I find a responsible hobby breeder?

Begin by checking out the clubs Breeders Directory That is where you will find breeders that are members of the GRCWA and our bound by the clubs code of ethics 

How will I know that I found a good breeder?

They Will:

  • want to meet you face-to-face if at all possible
  • ask questions about your expectations, home environment, children, other pets, etc.
  • provide proof that sire & dam are at least 18 months old and have their health clearances for hips, elbows, heart & eyes
  • provide a 3-5 generation pedigree
  • tell you about any possible health issues in that pedigree 
  • provide a puppy that has been checked by a veterinarian
  • provide ANKC registration papers
  • talk to you about feeding, training and care of your puppy and provide with an information package
  • have a contract for you to sign that includes responsibilities on both sides
  • take back the dog at any time if you no longer can care for it
  • be a member of the GRCWA or equivalent state club
  • be an active participant in at least one dog sport or activity
  • always be available to advise and consult on diet, vaccinations, injuries, health issues, etc.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions! If the breeder fits the profile above, you can feel confident you’ve found a responsible person.



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