About the database

  • We calculated breeding values from breeders that voluntarily submitted their dog's Hip and Elbow Certificates. 
  • We provide breeding values and confidence of results. "Better" scores are LOWER - so negative values are better, positive values are worse.
  • Currently the EBV's are calculated from a database of  2836 Dogs, 2506  of which had been Hip scored and 1871 which had been Elbow scored. EBV's WERE CALCULATED USING ALL DOGS IN DATABASE THAT WENT BACK TO 1975. 
  • EBV's will be recalculated quarterly.
  • EBV scores are calculated relative to the breed average, and these scores will change when more information is added to the database. Also the accuracy will improve as additional related dogs (especially progeny) are added. The current database of hip scores has a breed average of 11.2.
  • The more dogs with hip and elbow scores in the database the more accurate the EBV - Please add your dog's information to the database to provide an excellent tool for Australian Golden Retriever Breeders.
  • The statistical modelling of the current database show an heritability of 53% and 23% for hip and elbow dysplasia respectively, which means that 47% for hip dysplasia and 77% for elbow dysplasia of the variation amoung dogs is influenced by the "environment" (which includes anything that is NOT genetic) - nutrition of the mother and the puppy, how much exercise the puppy got, etc - ANYTHING that could influence the quality of the hip. So a dog might not have great hips, but if it has a low EBV for hips, that tells you that it has good GENES for hips.
  • The correlation between the right and left hip was extremely high at 0.97 strongly suggesting that the same genes are responsible for both hips.
  • The intention is to make public the EBV for hip and elbow scores for all Australian Golden Retrievers so that the benefits of using EBV may be realised."

There is an excellent introduction to using EBVs in dog breeding (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) here.

Thank you to the following breeders who have submitted their test results enabling the database to be developed.

Australian Golden Retrievers:

  • Alnclair
  • Aneiraby
  • Arangold
  • Aubairn
  • Auzprom
  • Beaucroft
  • Bicklewood
  • Bluebreeze
  • Buffalo
  • Camuka 
  • Casadeoro
  • Conarhu
  • Dobro
  • Euraidd
  • Fantango
  • Glentreve
  • Goldnymph
  • Hawkwood
  • Kenzanne
  • Keridale
  • Kulabay
  • Lionsfield
  • Ourtrieva
  • Piarki
  • Shtar
  • Sunhunny
  • Taleyah
  • Taransay
  • Wynwhisper
  • Emma Blake
  • Jane Carpenter
  • Jackie Crawford
  • Suzanne Henderson
  • Eleanor Hodgson
  • Sally Hudson
  • Ann Jones
  • Susette Pow
  • Jen Woodthrope
  • GRCNSW Hip and Elbow Database
  • GRCWA Hip and Elbow Database

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