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What is a Snuffle Mat ?
A Snuffle Mat is a rubber mat with soft colourful fleece tied through it making a super soft fleecy mat

Why use a Snuffle Mat ?
Puppies and Dogs of all ages love to sniff and hunt little pieces of food out so by putting your dogs dry
food in all the folds of the mat you are allowing your dog to do what comes naturally and they love it.

How do I use my Snuffle Mat ?
Simply sprinkle your dogs dry food into the folds of the mat and let them hunt and sniff it out, it will slow down meal times and entertain your dog at the same time.

Can I use treats in the mat ?
Yes but ideally they should be dry treats

How do I clean my Snuffle Mat ?
Simply shake it out after use to make sure your dog didn't leave
any pieces of food for the ants

How big are the mats ?
A Full Snuffle Mat measures approx. 30 cm x 30 cm

Order Yours Here - Your dog will love it  

Snuffle Mat



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