Golden Retriever Olympics

22.06.2019 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Kings Meadow Reserve
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A Fun games event to celebrate golden retrievers and their families


All Golden Retrievers and their families welcome!

  • Free admission for spectators to cheer on the competitors.
  • $10 per dog for GRCWA members
  • $20 per dog for non-club members.

You can register on the day but that will be $5 more and if you Pre-register we will email you top-secret information of the events so you can practice and better your chances of winning gold!

There will be 8 events and each event will have a Gold, Silver and Bronze medallion winner. For each event 3 points will be awarded for gold, 2 for silver and 1 for bronze. At the end of all the events the top three dogs with the most Olympic Points will receive prizes.

Overall winners will be featured on our Facebook page and the club's magazine as the official Olympic Games Winners!

All golden retrievers are welcome…. But we ask that you help keep the grounds and event as safe and enjoyable for everyone by ensuring that:

  • All dogs are on lead at all times (No extendable flexi-leads please)
  • All dogs are kept under control at all times
  • Please do not bring any dogs that show lead aggression to other dogs and/or humans.
  • All dogs must have up to date vaccinations and please no dogs with known contagious diseases.
  • Please no dogs in season.
  • We ask that you pick up after your dog. Pooh bags will be provided for use if needed.

Interested in volunteering at the event: Contact Us

Location information

Kings Meadow Reserve

Western Australia
Guildford 6055

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