I am a graphic designer from Brazil, and have been living in Perth since 2008 with my husband. In 2013 we got our first goldie, Galega, and while researching for her I came across the Golden Retriever Club  of WA. After joining the club’s Facebook page and getting so much advice and suggestions from the members I felt I should give it back, so later in the same year I’ve became a member of the club. I thought the membership cost was a bargain for all the great advice I was getting for free on the social media. Unfortunately we lost Galega at the young age of 10 months to an illness. The support we got from the  club, and members of the Facebook page, was overwhelming. In 2016 we welcomed Bwana to our family. Once again, I counted on the members of the club to help me with my new puppy. In 2016 I was  invited to join the committee and I am proud to be involved in the design of the Golden Paw Print magazine in 2017. I really enjoy being part of the GRCWA, because I’ve been learning a lot about our breed  and getting priceless advice on how to raise my puppy. The people involved with the club are friendly and generous to share their knowledge and experiences. I think everyone who owns a golden retriever in  WA should join the GRCWA to show support to the club, take advantage and learn more about their dogs through their membership, and help to educate people who plan to add a golden retriever to their  families.



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