My husband and I are ‘owned and loved’ by Tully and Sama, along with Cleo, our little grey stripey cat who thinks she’s a dog. I purchased my first goldie Chelsea as a thirtieth birthday present to myself in  1992… I had always loved the breed and wanted a dog of my own to take on walks and to the beach and spend time with. I had known some beautiful goldies from my childhood and for me the choice of  breed was never up for question. My second golden, Mac, came along in 97 and we have been a ‘two dog family’ ever since. We have been so lucky that ours have lived long and happy lives. Chelsea was with  us for fifteen years and Mac almost sixteen. Currently we have Tully who is eight, and Sama who has just turned three. All four have been lovely but with quite different personalities that keep us entertained  and on our toes. Over the years, I have dabbled in various forms of training with my dogs and they have taught me so much. Tully was my challenge as general obedience didn’t appeal to her but then we  found agility and I watched my girl switch back on to working. She gained confidence with the equipment and had so much fun. Sama and I have competed in conformation shows and have been learning  Rally-Obedience, which is a fun form of obedience where you follow signs around a course. We have our first trial in a couple of weeks, so we will see where that takes us. I came across the club when  searching for a breeder, as many people do. I went to some shows and met some lovely people and attended an information evening run by the club, which I found really educational and a great networking  experience. I joined the club as a way to learn more about our breed and to consult with experts on best practice. I am also part of the Facebook group and enjoy the different perspective that gives. I love the  articles in the newsletter, which is a free monthly bonus for paying club members and full of relevant information on research around the breed, as well as providing training tips and articles that I find most  informative. In 2014, I joined the Committee to provide my input and help out however I could with fundraising ideas and ways in which we could engage more members. I have made some great friends  through the club and through our dogs. Golden people are in a class of their own.



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