Jacinta and I came across the Golden Retriever Club of WA when we were looking into who to contact to get into the sport of Retrieving back in 2012. We were pointed in the right direction by some of the  knowledgeable members of the Facebook group. We were so impressed by the support given by members of the club, in addition to different training and social gatherings, that we decided to become members  ourselves. We receive a monthly magazine which keeps you up to date with what’s going on in the Goldie world and there is always interesting articles to read on health and/or training. Being a  member and also a committee member, we get to support a club that has the best interest of our beautiful breed at heart. I have actually learnt more about the breed in the past 5 years than I ever knew  growing up around them back in the UK. I think being a dog owner can be tough at times when you come into trouble with health/training/general life issues but the support you have by being in a club that  understands what is going on because they have been there themselves or just have the knowledge is invaluable.



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