I am the founder of Canine Muscleworks, a canine muscle therapy clinic. It has always been my dream to work with animals (and to have a job that will allow me to bring my dogs to work!) When I was growing up, while other children were playing with toys, I was happiest surrounded by my family dogs. We had German Shepherds but I have always admired Golden Retrievers. My parents wouldn’t let me have one so I saved up all my pocket money and bought one from a backyard breeder. I excitedly carried my puppy home and weaved a terribly sad story about how this young baby was going to be put down at the pound. Fortunately, my parents not only fell for the story but also my ‘rescue’ puppy. Young “Maverick” was my dream come true. His untimely death at 6 years of age from lymphoma left a deep hole in my heart but started a lifelong love affair with this wonderful breed. Today my furry family consist of three beautiful Golden Retrievers: Krug (14 years old), Opus (7 years old) and Shogun (4 years old). A fortunate series of events led me to the world of dog showing and the Golden Retriever Club of WA. Through the club I have met some of the most wonderful, fun, helpful and generous people who have become some of my closest friends. As vice- president of the club, I believe that we have a built a strong and friendly community of like-minded folks and it is my hope that this will continue to grow so we can all ‘pay it forward’ to other new members by raising awareness about the breed. Some of the issues I am passionate about are unscrupulous breeders and the unethical practice of puppy farming and also increasing dwindling membership numbers (for without members we cease to exist). I am looking forward to meeting many more of you at club organised events in 2017.



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