I’m a molecular biologist working in cancer research and a certified professional dog trainer, a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and the International Society for Applied Ethology with a passion for learning and understanding, especially about dogs and I have a love for golden retrievers. I received honours degrees in veterinary science and molecular biology from Murdoch University and a doctorate in physiology from UWA. My background is widely varied, with experience in scientific research, breeding, showing, training, canine midwifery, puppy raising, instructing, behaviour consultations, in-home training and various club memberships & activities. I have served on numerous committees and am currently President of the GRCWA, Secretary of the National Golden Retriever Council, Vice President and an instructor for Perth Obedience and Dog Training Club and an instructor for Joondalup Dog Training Club. I am a golden retriever breeder and dogs bred by us have been active and successful in obedience, Rally-O, therapy dog work, conformation and most importantly as loyal companions enhancing the lives of people they live with. I have been a member of the golden retriever club of WA for 13 years and through the club I have made great friends and it is a great resource where we can discuss and share our common love of the Golden retriever. Hopefully thorough my broad knowledge I can offer fellow dog lovers especially members of the club who share their lives with golden retrievers exciting, practical information and approaches that improves the communication with their dog, enhancing the human/dog relationship. At the same time as a club member I can hopefully give something back to the golden retriever, a special breed that brings so much joy to my life. I live in Perth with my husband Jim and together we take care of our house full of golden retrievers.



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