GRDNA Australia

Our goal is to preserve and make accessible Golden Retriever DNA test results for future generations of responsible breeders who wish to breed and maintain healthy Golden Retrievers.

If you have a DNA test performed on your Dog add the results to the database.


How It Works

The purpose of this database is to record the results of DNA testing performed on individual Golden Retrievers. Participation is voluntary and there is no charge to be included in the database. All test results are verified by the site administrators prior to being posted on the website.

In order to participate, there are two steps a dog’s owner must complete. 

  1. Submit your dog’s general information—registered name, registration, owner’s name(s), etc.
  2. Submit your dog’s DNA test results. This includes submitting a copy of the test result certificate one of three ways:
    • By attaching a digital copy to your submission form
    • By emailing a digital copy to the site administrator at
    • By mailing a paper copy to the site administrator (contact us for the mailing address)

Once you’ve completed these steps, the site administrator will verify your dog’s information and results and post them to the website. Because all DNA results are verified before posting, only the site administrator has access to and can edit the dog’s DNA test results.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about the application or process, please contact us.

To get started submit your information here. 


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