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Welcome to "GoldenBook", the private and secure social media platform for members enrolled in our online course. If you are a member of the club, you can join for free today. We do not add you to GoldenBook by default when you join the club. We want this to be an active and conscious act from your part. Please visit Online Courses for more information and to register. 

GoldenBook is the spot where you can debate and get feedback on your trick training with courtesy, without peer-pressure or any constraints imposed by political correctness or commercial interests. Our objective is to investigate and learn.

GoldenBook is not open to everybody. When you enter GoldenBook, you join an exclusive community of like-minded peoples connected to GRCWA. You post and comment on training matters, share photos and videos and private experiences you may believe will interest your fellow members, on a friendly and safe environment. You cement friendships and make new friends, inspire and get inspired, support and get supported.

Community Guidelines - Our community guidelines exist to protect not restrict you. You may post everything you want as long as you do it with respect. Read Community Guidelines.



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