The Golden Retriever is such a wonderful breed! And they are good at so many sports, games and events! We hope you will be interested in trying some out. The bond you will develop between you and your Golden will truly be special. 

First, JOIN the Golden Retriever Club of WA. Being active with the club gives you immediate and discounted access to club events. You will be able to connect with fellow enthusiasts and stay informed about a variety of events and breed issues.

Now that you have joined, Get involved!

  • VOLUNTEER! Volunteering introduces you to others who share your passion
  • Attend events with your dog. You may find a sport that you love which you previously knew nothing about
  • When attending events, introduce yourself, but be respectful. The competitors are very involved in the show and may request to speak with you at a later time when they are not focused on their entry/performance/etc.
  • Register for Golden Tricks 1 - GRCWA's Free Online Tricks Class

The club runs a number of events through out the year join our events list to get notified of upcoming events. Below are results from the annual competitive events that the club runs.



Championship Shows

Both dogs and bitches compete at a Championship Show for challenge points towards an Australian Championship Title. The Club's Championship Show is usually held around the beginning of September each year. Every endeavour is made to appoint a breed specialist international judge for the Championship Show. Generous trophies are offered for all winners, along with sashes or rosettes, and each class offers a Perpetual Trophy. Click to see winners of GRCWA Championship Shows


Golden Olympics

The Golden Olympics - Golden Retrievers of all ages and skill level participate in fun events that celebrate the human/Golden bond. The Inaugural Golden Olympics was held in 2017. Click to view the winners of the GRCWA Golden Olympics


Retrieving Trials

Golden Retrievers have always excelled at Retrieving Trials, and the GRCWA supports the Golden Retriever as “primarily a hunting dog.” Every year the club holds Retrieving trials for WA Gundogs. Click to view winners of the clubs Retrieving Trials

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