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Golden Tricks 1 - Online Dog Trick Class

Golden Tricks 1 - Online Dog Trick Class

First and foremost Golden Tricks 1 is fun! Training should be an enjoyable experience for people and dogs. We know that when owners are smiling and tails are wagging, learning is easier. People love these tricks, and the dogs agree. Laugh and learn as you teach your dog these tricks and your dog learns important life skills. The tricks are suitable for dogs of all ages and all skill levels.

However, don't be fooled grounded firmly in the principles of learning, these tricks have a deeper underlying goal of building and enhancing the dog/human relationship. Each trick helps promote mutual attention and respect, helps the owner develop a high quality of connection and avoids the use of any force or pressure. Dogs are engaged as willing partners, without pressure or corrections. Owner's learn how to work with their dog in a respectful and positive way for the best possible results - and are often surprised to discover what is possible when the relationship remains the center of all they do with their dog.

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