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Golden Retrievers have a joyful, playful approach to life and maintain this  childlike behaviour for longer than some other breeds. They are the Peter Pan of dogs! They love to play outdoors and need plenty of exercise, daily activities are a must.

It is essential that your Golden gets at least an hour and half of exercise and stimulation a day, a Golden will not exercise itself! You need to be out there with them, throwing a toy to retrieve, running, playing tug and learning new games you can't just leave them in the yard by themselves they'll just sit longingly at the door begging to be let back in with their family. This is quite a commitment and something you need to be prepared for if your Golden doesn't get enough stimulation they will become bored and full of pent-up energy, leading to hyperactivity causing them to bounce around the house, barking and destructive chewing. This is not a golden being naughty, this is a completely natural release for bored dogs with no other outlet for their energy. Even if you do have enough time to look after a golden you will also need the energy, if you love being outdoors walking, swimming, hiking etc.. then a Golden sounds a perfect fit, however, if you prefer to stay at home watching the TV or don't like to go out when it's wet and cold then a Golden probably isn't right for you.

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Golden Retrievers

As members of the GRCWA we think Golden Retrievers are the best dog in the world, but they are not for everyone! Click for more info


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If you have decided that a Golden Retriever is the breed for you, please follow this important advice - Don't purchase impulsively - All puppies are cute and adorable. Click for more info


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The Golden Retriever is a very versatile happy dog that enjoys participating in many activities and events. Click for more info on club events

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